Wigs, Weaves and Extensions – Mixed Chicks Style!

by Linda Ripoll in News on 23rd September 2013
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by Tory Hawkins – Senior Educator – Mixed Chicks and Owner of Salon Tu Cozy – Atlanta, GA

With the seasons changing, protective styles understandably become more of an option. Fortunately, Mixed Chicks products provide an awesome, safe maintenance routine that helps you protect and style your human hair wigs, weaves, extensions and braid styles no matter what the season!

As with most protective styles, conditioning and styling are very important.  I frequently wear protective styles in the colder months to shield my natural locks from excessive heat and fabric damage.  Think about it… Many of us wear our hair straightened in the winter for fear of catching cold in the brisk cool air which means our fragile locks are exposed to lots of flat irons, blow dryers and curling irons.  Wool and textured fabrics in hats, scarves, sweaters and coats can also be a destroyer of moisture to our locks in the winter months as they wick away any excess moisture in order to keep the body and surrounding skin warm.

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When deciding on a protective style, figure out the length of time you will rock that particular look.  If you are planning on going for a long term option which would be a month or longer, select a high quality brand of 100% human hair and NOT a blend of handmade/synthetic fibers.  This is paramount in the longevity of the style, care and protection of your natural hair.  Most synthetic fibers will cause friction against your natural hair and eventually cause thinning and breakage over time. Synthetic hair should be considered for short term wear only which is anything less than a month.

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When it comes to caring for 100% human hair, it’s important to understand that it has been detached from the donor and is no longer ‘living’.  Shampooing less frequently is generally safer on extensions but deep conditioning is highly advisable at least bi-weekly.  Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner is an excellent choice to smooth down the cuticles and protect from fly-aways and that unwanted ‘bunching’ at the nape.  Human hair extensions still have a cuticle, cortex and occasionally a medulla so heat can be used during conditioning for a deep penetrating treatment.  When rocking wavy, curly or kinky styles, conditioning is a step you never want to miss.

Our Leave-In Conditioner is a definite MUST have to maintain the life of your curly extensions, wigs and pieces and should be used in the same way as you would on your natural hair.

The Straightening Serum is a sure way to protect the integrity of the curl pattern to ensure that they don’t begin to lose their elasticity and droop.  Just as it protects your natural hair from thermal damage, the serum creates the same gorgeous results with 100% human hair wigs, weave and extension styles.

Hair Silk continues to be a great finishing option for that extra shine on the go.  It is very concentrated so be sure to use it sparingly so your extensions, wigs and weaves won’t go limp.

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Tips to remember when rocking your extensions for the winter:

  • Always consult with a licensed professional stylist to figure out which protective styles will work for you and compliment your lifestyle.
  • Don’t forget your natural hair underneath!  Protection NOT neglect is the key word!
  • Be sure that if you opt for protective styles that involve braids, that they are not too tight.  The excessive tension can create damage to the follicle and unfortunately cause permanent hair loss.
  • Cleanse your scalp weekly with a mild cleanser or astringent.
  • Use the protection of satin pillowcases and or bonnets to maintain that fresh salon look.
  • Never wear a protective style longer than 6-8 weeks to ensure the health of your natural hair.

Keep your weaves, wigs and extensions looking their best with Mixed Chicks!