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Mixed Chicks & Green Goddess Recycling

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We are so excited to share this awesome news! We have partnered up with Green Goddess Recycling to do our part in reducing our carbon footprint and leaving a healthy environment and world for future generations.   ‪#‎mixedchicksrocks‬

Happy National Donut Day

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Did you know the first Friday in June is National Donut Day? We just had to spread the word about one of our favorite sweet treats! ‪#‎mixedchicksrocks‬

Friday Afternoon Fun

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Happy Friday Mixed Chicks fam! Here’s some Friday Afternoon Fun courtesy of our favorite Tall N Curly! We’ve all experienced this look once or twice, right? ‪#‎mixedchicksrocks‬

Mixed Chicks Rocks Gluten-Free Products

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We’ve recently been receiving questions and concerns about Mixed Chicks products and the issue of gluten. For customers who are allergic to gluten, we highly recommend using our Kids Line as all of our Kids products are gluten-free! Go to MixedChicks.net to order today! ‪#‎mixedchicksrocks‬

Mixed Chicks Across the Pond

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UK-Great-Britain-Flag-Wallpaper - Copy

Did you know we have Mixed Chicks UK for all of our curly girls and guys across the pond? That’s right! Follow us on: Twitter – UKMixedChicks Instagram – MixedChicksUK Facebook – MixedChicksUK ‪#‎mixedchicksrocks‬

Mixed Chicks: Product Review

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For all of our UK curly girls and guys, here’s an awesome product review from UK Natural Hair Blogger A Curly’s Thoughts. http://acurlysthoughts.weebly.com/products–reviews ‪#‎mixedchicksrocks‬

The Science of Frizz

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As the days get hotter and the nights get more humid, you may find yourself battling the dreaded frizzies on a daily basis. Ever wonder what causes hair to frizz? Get the 411 on frizz and how to fight it with this great article fromCurlyNikki. http://www.curlynikki.com/…/the-science-of-frizz-nature-or-… ‪#‎mixedchicksrocks‬

Sage Steele’s Mixed Chicks Photoshoot

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image1 (4)

  We are so thrilled to have the talented and beautiful Sage Steele as the face of Mixed Chicks, she represents everything our brand is about. Here is some fun behind the scenes footage of Sage at the Mixed Chicks photo shoot we did in Los Angeles a few months ago. Enjoy! https://vimeo.com/123796903 ‪#‎mixedchicksrocks‬

Mixed Chicks Kiosk – Westfield Mall – Culver City, CA

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Calling all of our Southern California curly girls and guys – you can find Mixed Chicks at Westfield Mall in Culver City. We just unveiled our very first Kiosk at the mall. You can purchase all of our products including our new In the Mix Quick Sticks, paddle brushes, Spring Bands and of course our [...]

Mixed Chicks: Customer Testimonial

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  It’s customer testimonial time Mixed Chicks fam! This one comes all the way from St. Croix. “For as long as I can remember, from my days growing up when my mom used to comb my hair in pigtails up until today, I’ve dreaded doing my hair!!! First of all my hair is extremely thick [...]