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Mixed Chicks: Customer Testimonial

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We have another fabulous customer testimonial to share with you today. This one comes from a Sheyda, a Mixed Chicks customer who has fallen in love with our products! “I love Mixed Chicks hair care. It keeps it so bouncy and shiny. I;m so thankful to find a product that actually works and isn’t a […]

Mixed Chicks Customer Testimonial

Dec 7, 2013 in News by commentComments Off on Mixed Chicks Customer Testimonial

We have another fabulous customer testimonial! One of our customers recently purchased Mixed Chicks for her five year-old daughter Haley and her daughter absolutely loved her beautiful curls. We have to admit we love them too! We also love how cute she looks in one of our Mixed Chicks Rocks t-shirts for kids. Keep it […]

Mixed Chicks: Customer Testimonial

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We love customer testimonials! We just received a great one from Bethany about her daughter’s curls! “Just wanted to share a before/agree with y’all. I searched for 4 years for something that would make my girl’s curls as perfect as I know they can be. Mixed Chicks does the trick! Thanks for an amazing product!” […]

Mixed Chicks Product Review

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We love it when you share your reviews and pictures of you and your loved ones rocking their Mixed Chicks curls, waves and kinks! We just received some adorable pics from Amirah, a Mixed Chicks customer, who used the products on her daughter Suki (20 months) and son Amir (12 years-old). They look AMAZING and […]