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Mixed Chicks: Customer Testimonial

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How adorable is this little curly cutie? We can’t get enough of our adorable Mixed Chicks customers! Send us your gorgeous curly pics and we will gladly share them with our customers and fans! You can inbox them to us on Facebook or email them to us with a nice testimonial to MixedChicks@aol.com ‪#‎mixedchicksrocks‬

Back to School Rules!

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back to school

Summer is almost over which means many of you are transitioning from days of summer fun to getting your curly cuties ready for school. What are some of your favorite back to school hair styles? ‪#‎mixedchicksrocks‬

Mixed Chicks – Customer Testimonial

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Here’s a great customer testimonial from Nancy, a Mixed Chicks customer and a believer that Mixed Chicks can change how your little curly one feels about their hair! “Thank you, your products have made a huge difference in my baby’s hair. She cried every time she saw a brush. Now she says, “mommy make my […]

Mixed Chicks: Customer Testimonial

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Customer testimonial 103

We just received this wonderful customer testimonial from Samantha, a Mixed Chicks customer and mother of an adorable curly girl! “I went through several products to tame my daughters curls. Some were too greasy and some did not provide enough moisture. Mixed Chicks give her hair the right amount of moisture it needs. The detangling […]

Mixed Chicks: In the Press

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There’s nothing better than receiving great press about our amazing products. Here’s a nice write-up from Canadian online lifestyle magazine Vitamin Daily! http://vitamindaily.com/cana…/kids/kids-with-curls-1.2001083 ‪#‎mixedchicksrocks‬  

Easter Sunday Styles

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spring kids 1

Easter Sunday is April 5th which means its time to break out those gorgeous dresses and sweet little suits for your curly girls and boys. In addition to dressing them up for church, Easter Egg hunts and Easter brunch or dinner, you have to prepare their curly cues for Easter photos. Here are a few […]

Mixed Chicks: Customer Testimonial

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We’ve got an awesome customer testimonial to share with you today! This comes from Diana, the mother of a curly girl who swears by Mixed Chicks when it comes to her daughter Deanna’s gorgeous hair! “Hello ladies, I just want to share with you my baby’s pics. We have been using Mixed Chicks for about 3 […]

All Grown Up

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  It’s crazy how time flies. We have to shout-out Sam and Alex who modeled for our Mixed Chicks Kids marketing and packaging photography several years ago. Alex is in pink with the long curls and Sam is in purple directly next to her! These two curly beauties are growing up and still keeping those […]

Mixed Chicks: Customer Testimonial

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Happy Friday Mixed Chicks fam! We’ve got an adorable little curly girl who LOVES Mixed Chicks so much she told her mother! “Her exact words, “Mom I love this stuff!”. Her and I both (: Thank you Mixed Chicks!” We love that she’s a fan of Mixed Chicks and we cannot get enough of her […]

Mixed Chicks: Customer Testimonial

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For all of you Mixed Chicks customers with little curly boys you’re going to love this customer testimonial from Abigail regarding her adorable nephew! “We use the whole line of shampoo, conditioner, and the kids leave-in conditioner! We swear by your products!” Thanks Abigail. Your nephew is super cute and his curls are ADORABLE!