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Mixed Chicks: Customer Testimonial

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  We love when mothers who use Mixed Chicks for their little curly girls send us customer testimonials, like Melissa who sent us this glowing report! “Love Mixed Chicks products! I use the deep conditioner twice a week and the leave-in conditioner on a daily basis to keep my little curly girl curls happy!” We [...]

Mixed Chicks: Product Review

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  Here’s a super cool review of our Kids Quad pack from CurlsandMo.com – a blog about curly haircare and so much more! Our Kids Quad Pack includes – Kids Shampoo, Kids Conditioner, Kids Leave-In Conditioner and Kids Tangle Tamer. You can purchase this Kids Quad online at MixedChicks.net Check it out! http://curlsandmo.com/review-mixed-chicks-kids-haircare-quad-pack/

Mixed Chicks: Customer Testimonial

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The customer testimonials from our Mixed Chicks family keeps coming and we are overjoyed! Here’s one from Jwanna! She loves Mixed Chicks for her little gorgeous girl’s beautiful curls! “My daughter’s name is Scarlett Wednesday and before using Mixed Chicks, her hair was unmanageable, very hard to comb through and her hair was very dry. [...]

Mixed Chicks: Customer Testimonial

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  We keep getting awesome reviews of our products today so you know we had to share! Here’s another one from Rhonda, a mother who is overjoyed at how long and healthy her little girl’s curls are thanks to Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner and Leave-In! “Can we do updates on how long your deep treatment [...]

Mixed Chicks: Customer Testimonial

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We’ve got another inspirational customer testimonial to share with you from Cynthia, a mother of a Mixed Chick curly girl! “Hello, I’ve been meaning to send your site a message to tell you how much we love & appreciate your children’s products. My daughter, Savannah, is now 3 and we have been using your products [...]

Mixed Chicks: Customer Testimonial

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We’ve got another cool customer testimonial from Kristi, a Mixed Chicks customer and fan of our products. She uses them exclusively for her gorgeous little girl’s curls. “After 4 years, Mixed Chicks continues to be our ONLY hair care regimen! Thank you!” We thank you Kristi for sharing your testimonial and for keeping your little [...]

Mixed Chicks Customer Testimonial

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    We cannot get enough of awesome before and after pics of customers using our products! This comes from Erin, a Mixed Chicks fan who swears by Mixed Chicks for her gorgeous little girl! The first pic is the before and the second is the after! Her curls are to die for!    

Mixed Chicks: Customer Testimonial

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  We love starting the week off with a great customer testimonial. Here is one from the Williams family who uses our products on a daily basis! “My daughters are 4 & 6, and we’ve been using Mixed Chicks products since my 6 year old was was tiny! Since my oldest has finer hair, we [...]

Mixed Chicks: Customer Testimonial

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One of the best things about receiving customer testimonials is getting to see how diverse our customers are. From mothers of biracial children to curly girls to men rocking their curls big and bold, we have customers from all walks of life, ethnic backgrounds and hair types celebrating their natural textures Mixed Chicks style! We [...]

Mixed Chicks: Product Review and Giveaway

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  We did a double whammy this time! We have a wonderful review and a giveaway where you can win Mixed Chicks products! The review and contest comes courtesy of Christine Phillips of BigCityMomma.com, a super cool site with reviews, giveawaysand contests for today’s savvy moms! “Just wanted to keep you posted that it’s been [...]