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Mixed Chicks Are International

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Mixd_chicks_by_glam_lace (2)

We’ve been helping curly girls and guys achieve a gorgeous head full of healthy curls from Maine to California and everywhere in between. Well, for those of you who were wondering, we also share our curl-nurturing products with curly girls and guys overseas too! Here’s a really cool shot of one of our international retailers, [...]

Mixed Chicks: In the Press

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We love when bloggers show us some love with cool posts and articles. The latest blog to send us some shine is GetStyleDaily.com. The My Style Daily section recently highlighted four celebrity looks that you can achieve using Mixed Chicks hair products. Check it out!

Mixed Chicks & Alabama State University

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Students from ASU enjoying their new Mixed Chicks Paddle Brushes.

  We had the pleasure of sampling our Paddle Brushes, Straightening Serum and Leave-In Conditioner with the ladies at Alabama State University. We love spreading the word about our products to women of all backgrounds, age groups and hair types! Enjoy!

Mixed Chicks Love Drea Avent

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We have to give a shout-out to Drea Avent! She is a sportscaster who interviews some of the top sports figures for Fox Sports. Being that she’s a curly girl, we had to send her some Mixed Chicks products so she can help spread the word with her gorgeous curls! We love supporting women and [...]

Mixed Chicks: In the Press

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Kim Etheredge

  We have another cool post to share from Consciousness Magazine. Kim Etheredge, one of the co-founders of Mixed Chicks recently did an interview about the brand and her inspiration for starting the hair care line 10 years ago. It’s a very insightful interview that we know you will enjoy! Check it out!  

We Love Nathalie Emmanuel

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  We just found out that Nathalie Emmanuel who plays Missandei on HBO’s hit show “Game of Thrones” loves Mixed Chicks! With her gorgeous mane of curls, we definitely can see why she’s a fan! She plays a crucial character on the show and we cannot wait to see how her story progresses in Season [...]

Mixed Chicks: Product Review

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  We love it when you do reviews of our products on your blogs and websites. We just recently received a glowing review of our best-selling Leave-In Conditioner from Kamryn Adams. Thank you Kamryn for your support and wonderful words!┬áCheck it out!

Mixed Chicks Product Review

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We love it when you share your reviews and pictures of you and your loved ones rocking their Mixed Chicks curls, waves and kinks! We just received some adorable pics from Amirah, a Mixed Chicks customer, who used the products on her daughter Suki (20 months) and son Amir (12 years-old). They look AMAZING and [...]

The Big Chop 101

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So, you’ve been relaxing your hair steadily for years now. Although you love the carefree, easy vibe that straightened hair gives you, lately you’ve been examining whether or not to transition from chemically-treated hair to natural hair. There are many reasons why you’re contemplating joining the ranks of millions of naturalistas. From the damage relaxers [...]

Mixed Chicks: In the Press

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We want to send a shout out to Nicole of BigGirlBigHair – a cool blog that celebrates rocking your natural texture! We recently sent her some product for her curly hair meetup. We love to support our fans and customers! Check it out!