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Mixed Chicks: Customer Testimonial

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  We’ve got a new customer testimonial to share with you! This comes from a Mixed Chicks customer and mother of a beautiful little curly girl! “Hey Wendi…just wanted to say thank you again and to let you know Kyla’s mom loves the products…she said it is defintely helping to manage her hair……she showing off [...]

Mixed Chicks: Black History Month Person of Distinction – Serena Williams

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  Our first Black History Month person of distinction is 2015 Australian Open winner Serena Williams. Ranked as number one in women’s single tennis, Williams continues to set and break records every year. Even though Williams and her family grew up in Compton, California, she did not let her environment hold her back. With the [...]

Banish Dry Hair & Skin This Winter

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Need a little pick-me-up during the cold, dry days of winter? Get your hands and curls on some of our amazing Replenishing Oil. This antioxidant packed oil is ideal for your winter hair and skin care needs. Not only can you do hot oil treatments to help reduce breakage and keep hair moisturized, you can [...]


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  Do you know that Mixed Chicks has a hair care line for boys and men called HIS Mix? HIS Mix is the same top quality formulations of Mixed Chicks but made specifically for boys and men with curly, wavy and coily hair! There is a shampoo, conditioner and even a hair gel that defines curls, [...]

Mixed Chicks Rocks Spring Hairspiration

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spring hair idea 1

On a cold winter day, there’s nothing better than fantasizing about the coming spring. Spring time equals nice weather, sunshine and a great excuse to lighten up. Check out these gorgeous spring hair inspirations. Countdown to spring starts now….       #mixedchicksrocks

Mixed Chicks Quick Hair Tip: The Art of Detangling

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detangle 4

  Mixed Chicks Quick Hair Tip: When detangling your curls after washing and conditioning, be sure to use a wide tooth comb as this will lessen the amount of breakage or damage to your hair. When hair is wet, it is very delicate and prone to breakage so the best way to detangle hair is [...]

Mixed Chicks: In the Press

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  Guess who was recently in Beverly Hills Magazine? Mixed Chicks! http://www.beverlyhillsmagazine.com/beauty/mixed-chicks-hair-products/  

Mixed Chicks: Customer Testimonial

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  Calling all mothers with curly boys, this is the post for you! Check out the gorgeous curls on this little handsome guy! “My adorable little ginger “Kendyl” 6 yrs. old is a big fan of “Mixed Chicks” since that’s all we’ve ever used on his hair. We love your products~thank you dolls!” Head to MixedChicks.net and [...]

Mixed Chicks LOVES Martin Luther King Jr.

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  Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. We want each and every one of you to take time out of your day to remember the self-sacrificing actions of Martin Luther King Jr. and how he changed a nation with his belief in equality for all. #mixedchickslovesMLKJR

I Spy Mixed Chicks!

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Adobe Photoshop PDF

Where in the world is Mixed Chicks? Have you spotted a Mixed Chicks billboards in your city? We have billboards in LA, Atlanta, Denver and Miami with more coming soon to a city near you. If you live in one of these cities or are visiting and happen to spot one of our gorgeous Mixed Chicks [...]