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New Year – New Hair

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  We want to hear about your New Year’s hair resolutions? Are you looking to grow your hair long again? Are you done with relaxers and about to do the big chop? Do you want to go blonde? Or maybe you are ready to try a cool new look via extensions or weaves? We want [...]

Mixed Chicks: Customer Testimonial

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  Here’s a wonderful customer testimonial from Nina Friedman Neish about how important Mixed Chicks has become in her daughter’s haircare routine! “We just went on vacation for a couple days and I forgot to take our conditioner what a disaster for our mixed chick’s hair. We love Mixed Chicks!!!” We love the support and [...]

Mixed Chicks: In the Press

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  Just in time for the holidays, here is this awesome video from two vloggers and Mixed Chicks fans who run the site ThoseGirlsAreWild.com. These two curly girls are all about creating gorgeous, natural hair styles using Mixed Chicks! Check it out! MixedChicks

Winter Curly Must-Haves

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With winter only a few weeks away, we thought we would detail the five things you need to keep your curls healthy, bouncy and vibrant throughout the cold winter months. 1. Portable Hair Bonnet Dryer: Mimic those amazing deep conditioning treatments you receive at your favorite salon at home. Portable hair bonnets connect to your [...]

Mixed Chicks: Customer Testimonial

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We recently received the sweetest testimonial from Sara about her daughter Rio and Mixed Chicks! We had to share it with you: “I want to thank you for a fabulous product that can stand up to even my 4yr old’s very active life! (This picture was taken after a full day of school, dance class [...]

Mixed Chicks Fight for a Cure!

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  For the entire month of November, Mixed Chicks will donate a portion of the proceeds from every sale of the best-selling Leave-In Conditioner when you purchase it on MixedChicks.net. All donations will go to the National Sickle Cell Disease Association of America, Inc. and the Sickle Cell Disease Foundation of California as well as [...]

Mixed Chicks: In the Press

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  We live for bloggers’ reviews of our products and we just recently received an amazing review from popular Canadian blogger – Canadian Fashionista! Check it out!

Happy Halloween

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Happy Halloween to all of our customers and fans! Be safe tonight and have fun!

Mixed Chicks: In the Press

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  As October comes to a close, we want to share yet another awesome post about our amazing Leave-In Conditioner with Pink Lid for Breast Cancer Awareness! We love RunwayFashion.org! Check it out!

Mixed Chicks: Customer Testimonial

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Here’s a great customer testimonial from Crystal Johnson regarding Mixed Chicks and her daughter Jada’s curls! “I had been using a product that was a little difficult to put on my Jada’s hair since a 17-month old doesn’t want to sit still. It felt more like paste than anything. When I received your Mixed Chicks [...]