Mixed Chicks History Month – Kyla Ross

by Linda Ripoll in News on 15th May 2014



Our Mixed Chicks History Month person of distinction today is Kyla Ross. As a member of the gold medal winning “Fierce Five” which included the first African American all-around champion Gabby Douglas, Ross is a celebrated gymnast who is equally as accomplished.

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Ross is a mixture of Black and Japanese on her father’s side and Filipino and Puerto Rican on her mother’s side.

The 18 year old Olympic champion got her start in the challenging world of gymnastics as a three year old. It was quite evident to her coaches that she had a natural athletic ability.

After winning several all-around championships, Ross became one of the first multiracial female gymnasts to win a gold medal in the team all-around championships.

We salute her amazing achievements as a world class athlete and as an inspiration to little girls from around the world.