Mixed Chicks History Month – Jhene Aiko

by Linda Ripoll in News on 7th May 2014


Our Mixed Chicks History Month person of distinction today is Jhene Aiko. If you haven’t heard this ϋber talented R&B singer’s chart-topping hit “I Don’t Need You” then you must be living under a rock. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Aiko is one of the hottest new singers in the music game and is quickly gaining a loyal legion of fans and admirers. The multiracial beauty is a mix of several ethnicities. Her mother is Dominican, Japanese and Spanish and her father is African American, Choctaw, Cherokee, Yaqui, Navajo and German Jewish.

If you think the gorgeous mixed race singer’s face looks vaguely familiar, it’s because she was featured in several of B2Ks videos as she was signed to Immature producer Chris Stokes’ record label back in 2002. She got her start in the business doing background vocals for the chart-topping boy band. After many years in the business striving to get her music to the masses, Aiko is finally dropping her debut album later this month!

We love an ambitious mixed chick who is proud of her multi-racial lineage!