Mixed Chicks History Month – Daniel Sunjata

by Linda Ripoll in News on 30th May 2014




Being that it’s Friday and the final day of our Mixed Chicks History Month postings – we had to give you some delectable eye candy. Our Mixed Chicks History Month person of distinction today is Mixed Man Daniel Sunjata. If you’re a Sex and the City fan, you will definitely remember this handsome multiracial actor’s face as he played the sexy New Orleans seaman who caught Carrie’s eye during Fleet Week. Sunjata’s gorgeous looks are a result of being a mixture of Irish, German and African American.

His racially ambiguous looks have helped his career in that he is able to play a multitude of characters ranging from Latino to Black to everything in between. If you want to catch more of the stunning actor, he will be reprising his leading man role as Paul Briggs on the second season of USA Network’s “Graceland”.

We love highlighting this new generation of multiracial men and women as they represent the rapidly changing face of this nation!