Mixed Chicks – Customer Testimonial

by Linda Ripoll in News on 26th August 2014



We’ve got a great customer testimonial for you today fam! This comes from Debra, a new Mixed Chicks customer.

“The Mixed Chicks products are excellent for racially mixed people or anyone seeking better moisture and protection for their hair. Since I started using the products, my scalp is moisturized and does not flake around the edges. I decided to stop using relaxers on my hair and go naturally curly, but I am glad I have the option and the products to make my hair straight for a day if I want to do so.

The prices are pretty good. I have bought products in the store hoping for a lot more and paying higher prices. I got nothing but dry hair, itchy scalp and split ends. My hair has even stopped falling out. My roommate used to notice hair all over my bathroom and brushes and in my bed. He noticed that my hair is no longer falling out. Thank you so much!

My friends and family have also become big fans! Thank you Mixed Chicks!”


Thanks Debra! We love the awesome feedback!