Mixed Chicks: Customer Testimonial

by Linda Ripoll in News on 17th June 2014



We’ve got a fabulous testimonial from a new customer named Chanita who has fallen in love with Mixed Chicks.

“Hey Wendi, I wanted to say a sincere “Thank you” for sending me Mixed Chicks products to try. I absolutely LOVE the entire line! I have been getting endless compliments since using Mixed Chicks, at my office, which is primarily Persian women.They have asked what do I use because their hair is just like mine. I’m proud to tell them to buy Mixed chicks & the entire line!

Today I met a “mixed chick” who said “I wish my hair could look like yours” and I replied “it can! I just started using Mixed Chicks & I love it!” I told them where to buy it and I can’t wait to see how good their hair will look after as well.

Thanks again because I have tried SOOO many products over the years and I’m very happy with Mixed Chicks! As promised, a photo taken after trying the straightening product last week. Looks FAB! ! I’ve been hooked on the Mixed Chicks curly hair products since trying it last month! Thanks for creating an awesome product!”

We are so glad Chanita found Mixed Chicks and loves them!