Mixed Chicks: Customer Testimonial

by Linda Ripoll in News on 27th July 2015

customer testimonial 2


Here’s a wonderful testimonial from a Mixed Chicks customer and mother to a curly girl!

“For as long as I can remember, growing up my hair was always hard to handle. I always dreaded doing my hair. I always remember my mom would say to me “I don’t know what your gonna do with all this hair, my hands hurt”. Being that my hair is super thick and curly, by the time I shampoo, condition & detangle my hands would already hurt so this resulted into me just pulling it all just back in one bun and all I ended up with was a big ball of hair on my head.

When my mom started relaxing my hair I loved it because it was so much easier to handle but then I always noticed large amounts would fall out and my hair would break every time I washed it. When I got pregnant with my daughter, I decided to stop relaxing my hair but then I was back at square one again with this huge knot ball to detangle. (Sigh)

When I had my daughter it didn’t take long to realize her hair was just like mine!! Now I have two heads of hair to wash, and detangle. We have tried everything, you name it but nothing seemed to work. Until a friend of mine told me about your products. I couldn’t find it anywhere until I finally found it at Walmart. The last Leave-In bottle was just sitting there waiting for me on the shelf.

I am super excited to say that our hair is frizz free, super soft, extra curly and defined. Even my baby girl has noticed a big difference!

Thank you so much Mixed chicks! Sorry for the super long post but I just had to share!”

Thanks Janllyn for sharing! We love to hear stories like this because its our mission to have women, men and children with multi-textured hair to learn how to embrace and care for their hair!