Mixed Chicks – Black History Month – Misty Copeland

by Linda Ripoll in News on 19th February 2014


Our Black History Month woman of distinction today is Misty Copeland. Copeland is one of only three African American soloists to ever dance for the American Ballet Theater. She is an accomplished ballerina with years of experience dancing in some of the most critically acclaimed productions in the world of ballet. Born in Kansas and raised in San Pedro California.

Copeland didn’t start studying ballet until she was 13. At the request of Cynthia Bradley, a former dancer who taught ballet classes in the area, Copeland started to learn the techniques and classical training that would start her on a life-changing journey. She studied at the San Francisco Ballet Company after winning the Spotlight award.

She was then accepted into the prestigious American Ballet Theater in 2000 after graduating high school and has been one of the company’s most celebrated dancers.
We celebrate Copeland’s fearlessness, tenacity and her courageousness to tackle a world that seldom showcases women or men of color.