Hair-Raising! “Good Hair” – A Thing of the Past

by Linda Ripoll in News on 21st December 2013“Ooh girl, you’ve got that good hair!” From hip hop lyrics to girls in the schoolyard across the country, this term manages to single-handedly conjure up feelings of insecurity, anger, resentment and depression with just one utterance. One would think that this cringe-worthy phrase would be seen as an archaic relic of a time long forgotten. It’s a phrase that seems as though it would hail from a time when society functioned within extremely rigid standards of beauty. Unfortunately, this phrase is not some old time idea or notion. It is alive and well and still used on the daily in the 21st century.

At Mixed Chicks, we created our hair care line for women, men and children of all backgrounds, races, ethnicities and nationalities who struggle to find products formulated specifically for curly or multi-textured tresses. In doing so, we wanted to deliver quality products that helped our customers achieve shiny, gorgeous, healthy-looking hair no matter what their curl pattern.

In our opinion, good hair is healthy hair. It is not a certain texture, length, color or style. If it’s on your head, it’s more than good, it’s great! Now more than ever, we live in a global melting pot where different cultures are converging together to create a magnificent world culture. As the standards of beauty move away from focusing on one type of beauty in favor of embracing various forms of beauty, there needs to be a push towards eliminate polarizing and divisive terms such as; good hair.

Instead of saying you have good hair – we would love to hear something like this – “ooh girl, you have healthy hair!”

How do you feel about the term good hair? Do you feel it’s a negative term? Do you use the term yourself? Why is this term so controversial? Weigh in on the conversation. We love to hear your opinions!