Back to School Hair Care 101

by Linda Ripoll in News on 19th August 2013
As the summer sun begins to set, it’s time to switch gears and prepare for the oncoming fall season. Fall is a time where we experience the leaves changing, the temperatures begin to cool down…..and of course it’s time to head back to school! Just as nature is affected by this change, so is our hair, nails and skin.  As many of us don’t shampoo in the fall or winter months as much as we do in spring and summer, it’s important to remember to moisturize frequently. Co-washing and hot oil treatments are great remedies this time of year!  Tea tree oil applied with a cotton ball directly to the scalp is also a great way to stretch “wash” days.
When I think of back to school as a kid, I remember purchasing new outfits for school. Along with coordinating new looks, I remember coming up with new hairstyles.
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If you always wear your hair down, why not try a cute, funky up-do! You can twist it up into a bun, rock a loose curly ponytail or slick it back with some Mixed Chicks Leave-In conditioner and go.
For twist-outs you are trying to stretch, coordinate a cute wrap or scarf to set off your look.
fantastic-hairstyles-with-braids-popular (4)
For my younger curly cuties, you too can rock a up-do or combine twists or braids with a loose back.  This will save mom or dad time in the morning!!!
Remember to keep hydrated by drinking lots of water and invest in a satin pillowcase.  Be mindful of the materials in hats, scarfs and wraps so they do not rob your hair and skin of the moisture it needs!!