Fall in Love with Color

by Linda Ripoll in News on 10th September 2013
With fall fast approaching, making the transition with protective styles and hair color can be extremely exciting!  The key to color trends and techniques lie within the season of autumn itself.
Imagine a beautiful oak tree as its leaves change color. From strong chocolates and chestnuts to shimmering rusts and deep sultry reds, the colors from nature inspire the color trends for hair.  These are the key to keeping up with the runway trends for the season.
The ombré effect in less brassy tones are eminent and still top the list in popularity.  The key to the perfect ombré is selecting shades that compliment your skin tone which helps create the proper blend.  It’s always safe to stick with warm hues like caramels and cinnamons which work well on most skin tones.
Highlights continue to be popular with darker tones but using a combination of lighter colors gradually blended to the base color creating a multi-dimensional contrast.  This is opposed to one shade used creating a two dimensional look.
Low lights in softer shades, enhance beautiful shimmering blondes without creating unwanted ‘tiger like’ stripes.
Darker colors such as a coffee bean or natural soft black with red and brown undertones are also a safe choice as they only deposit color without lifting or removing pigment.
Techniques such as chalking are also becoming very popular.  It’s simply using artist chalk that comes in an assortment of colors and tones.  Typically darker hair must be damp prior to application in order for the color to deposit.  But beware, this technique should only be used on a temporary basis, as it could result in drying and subsequent damage even though not considered a permanent color.
When applying any permanent color, especially with curly girls, adding a few drops of extra virgin olive oil in your color mix will prevent excessive dryness and breakage.
For those less daring, colored, human hair clip-on extensions can also add that extra zest to any style without making a permanent commitment.
Fall in line with these gorgeous color options and get ready for the new season in style.