August, 2013

Mixed Chicks – Customer Testimonial

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We have a wonderful customer testimonial from one of our curly men! Carlos Forbes from Philly swears by the His Mix Leave-In Conditioner and from the look of his GORGEOUS curls – we can see why! He gets stopped on a regular basis about his beautiful healthy-looking curls and without fail he spreads the word […]

Mixed Chicks Q&A Session! FRIDAY 8/16/2013

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  Don’t forget!!!! Tomorrow is the first of our Mixed Chicks Q&A Sessions with Senior Educator Tory Hawkins of Salon Tu Cozy in Atlanta. You can ask any and all questions about Mixed Chicks Haircare, how to style curly hair, growing out a relaxer and coloring curly hair. Tory will answer all questions via Facebook, […]

Mixed Chicks: In the Press

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We’ve got another amazing product review from My Style Daily! This one is great for all of you Mommies and Daddies seeking tips on how to style your little ones curls and waves with Mixed Chicks Kids Haircare line for the start of school.¬†Check it out!

Mixed Chicks Q&A Sessions

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  We are super duper excited to announce a new feature we will be highlighting called the Mixed Chicks Q&A Session with Tory Hawkins, our amazing Senior Educator and owner of Salon Tu Cozy in Atlanta, GA. Every Friday you can post any and allquestions you have about how to use Mixed Chicks products, how […]

Mixed Chicks Launch Spring Bands

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  We are so excited to debut our new spring hair bands! These ouchless bands will not break, damage or tear your precious curls or the curls of your little ones while giving you the chance to create fun styles! Each pack comes complete with five bands. They retail for $3 for one pack.¬†Order yours […]

Mixed Chicks Kids Collection 101

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It’s hard to imagine that at one time Mixed Chicks creators Kim Etheredge and Wendi Levy were once two little curly girls who grew up during a time where there were no hair care products made for people with multi-textured tresses. Thankfully, they created Mixed Chicks for all of us women and men who want […]

Mixed Chicks Are International

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We’ve been helping curly girls and guys achieve a gorgeous head full of healthy curls from Maine to California and everywhere in between. Well, for those of you who were wondering, we also share our curl-nurturing products with curly girls and guys overseas too! Here’s a really cool shot of one of our international retailers, […]

Mixed Chicks Curly Girl – Enya Edwards

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We love to celebrate curly girls, guys and little curly boys and girls from all walks of life. There’s nothing we love more than a head full of luscious curls and Enya Edwards, a Mixed Chicks customer, is a beautiful example of the curly revolution at work! Go Enya!    

Mixed Chicks: In the Press

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We love when bloggers show us some love with cool posts and articles. The latest blog to send us some shine is The My Style Daily section recently highlighted four celebrity looks that you can achieve using Mixed Chicks hair products. Check it out!

The Men Who Rock Their Curls Mixed Chicks Style

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  We cannot get enough of sexy men rocking their natural curls and waves. Even though the name of our brand is Mixed Chicks, we do offer a men’s haircare line called HIS Mix which is specifically formulated for men’s haircare needs and desires. Here are a few of our favorite curly guys! Let the […]